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Invest in a diversified private equity portfolio with BB Capital Fund Investments

Private equity offers high returns. On average 13% according to various international surveys. Until now, these returns have been difficult to achieve for individual investors. With BB Capital Fund Investments you can now take advantage of the opportunity to invest directly in a diversified portfolio of private equity investments. We invest your individual private equity capital independently and for a long time in the private equity sector with a sustainable high return of 10-15% per year.

In-depth knowledge of the private equity sector is essential to achieve the high returns of private equity is know for. The private equity sector is a closed world: inaccessible and complex. Fund selection is time consuming, selection criteria are complex and successful funds are not easy accessible for individual investors. A lot of capital is required to optimize the return of a private equity portfolio, because the continuous growth and phasing out of funds means that the effective return for an individual investor is lower than the promised fund returns. 

What does BB Capital Fund Investments offer?

BB Capital Fund Investments offers individual investors easy access to private equity with a unique fund. This fund invests your assets independently, diversified and long-term in the private equity sector:

  • BB Capital Fund Investments enters into investment mandates on a continuous basis with exclusively selected funds within the European private equity market.
  • BB Capital Funds Investments thus benefits from high returns against a diversified risk.
  • BB Capital Fund Investments focuses on high-quality funds that have been extensively tested against our strict selection criteria.
  • BB Capital Fund Investments is a fund with an unlimited term. The size of the capital is remains equal, so that returns are continuously optimized.
  • BB Capital Fund Investments pays out the annual return over time, which you can optionally reinvest in the fund. Leaving the fund is possible on an annual basis.
  • Your committed capital is invested in the existing portfolio so that your investment immediately starts to pay off.

Participation is possible from EUR 250,000

Your investment is automatically diversified in:

  • 15-20 private equity funds and more than 300 bedrijven
  • European funds with a high barrier to entry
  • Multiple ‘vintage’-years through continuous reinvestment

Who is BB Capital Fund Investments for?

  • With BB Capital Fund Investments, wealthy private investors have an alternative to the stock market and private real estate funds. The long-term return of private equity is attractive and the lower volatility ensures calm in the portfolio, especially in the current stock market climate.
  • Professional investors and family offices have access to European buy-out funds with a high barrier to entry through BB Capital Fund Investments. These funds may otherwise not be accessible.
  • Multi-family offices and asset managers see BB Capital Fund Investments as a professional partner to which the management of the private equity capital is outsourced.

BB Capital Fund Investments for you?

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An attractive return compared to investing directly in private equity

Participation in BB Capital Fund Investments is also attractive compared to investing directly in venture capital or smaller private equity funds, because your participation sum is directly invested in the underlying portfolio. If you yourself invest in private equity funds, you have to deal with a growth period of 5 years that funds use to build their portfolio. For you as an individual investor, this has a negative effect on your effective return of up to 50% of the fund return.

Continuously higher return
During the phase-out period of such a portfolio, your capital will usually be returned. You must then reinvest this yourself in other funds. At BB Capital Fund Investments, the capital is continuously reinvested, so that your participation sum always continues to pay off. This allows you to achieve a higher sustainable return than investing in private equity funds yourself. According to BB Capital, private equity is made easy.

By combining participations you can determine your own risk / return profile

Normal participations

  • Participate fully in return target of 10-15% per year
  • Minimum investment period of 11 years
  • Choice to pay out or reinvest dividends

Preferred participations

  • 5% fixed annual return
  • First in range for reimbursement after 8 years at the latest
  • Maximum 30% preference holdings at fund level

The benefits for you as an investor

  • Easy access to high-quality funds in the European private equity market.
  • Invest directly in a diversified portfolio of 15-20 private equity funds and more than 300 underlying companies.
  • Stable long-term return target of 10-15% per year after fund charges.

BB Capital Fund Investments for you?

Are you interested in the possibilities? Then request more information or contact us directly.