Direct Investments

Committed Capital

We provide smart capital. Each investment has a tailor-made structure and approach.

Custom Investment Management

Customized investment management: support, monitoring and reporting on a frequent basis


Our network consists of investors, entrepreneurs and family offices.


BB Capital for entrepreneurs
BB Capital stands for Buy & Build Capital: an investment company where entrepreneurial investors and entrepreneurial companies are connected, established to provide active growth capital. BB Capital not only invests capital, but also contributes to the growth of a company, by sharing knowledge and industry expertise from its network. BB Capital is involved as strategic shareholder in a company, actively supporting management and organizational processes. The focus of BB Capital differs considerably from ‘regular’ private equity firms. Our aim is to add value to the core of the business and we focus on performance rather than financial leverage. This results in a longer investment horizon than usual in the private equity sector.

BB Capital has the following investment criteria:


  • Dutch SME companies with a leading position in their niche, with ample growth opportunities and clear exit possibilities.
  • Equity investments from EUR 2 to 5 million. Larger amounts are possible with co-investors from our network.
  • EBITDA minimum EUR 2 million or this level can be achieved in the short term.
  • Professional and committed management; commitment from selling shareholder(s).
  • Majority stake.

BB Capital does not invest in start-ups, turn-arounds, project based companies, leisure and real estate.


BB Capital does not have a classical closed-end fund. Investors have separate commitment to BB Capital, which can be tailor-made to accommodate specific wishes. Commitments start from several million euros.

Investors are involved with BB Capital. Each investor has a seat in the investment committee, where we discuss the strategy and developments of portfolio companies. Investors have an advisory role.

Investors are involved with BB Capital Investments. each investor has a seat in the investment committee that is guiding in strategy of portfolio businesses and has an advisory role.

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